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Thank you for your interest in Agape Family Center. Whether you are browsing for yourself or someone you know in need, we hope the information here will be helpful to you as you consider our programs and services.
感謝您對 愛家全人輔導中心 的關注。 無論您是為自己或為有需要的人瀏覽我們的網頁, 我們都希望所提供的信息對您在考慮參與我們的計劃和服務時有所幫助。

Our Services 服務項目
Counseling 心理輔導

Agape Family Center provides accessible counseling for individuals, couples, children, adolescents, and families. Our fees are based on household income, and our services are offered in Richardson, TX. Our skilled and experienced therapists have specialties in, but are not limited to, issues related to Depression, Divorced, Addictive, Adolescent behavior problem, Anger management, Anxiety ADHD, Grief and loss, Premarital counseling, Marriage and family issues, Emotional disorder Sexuality, Trauma, Unemployment.
愛家全人輔導中心服務處所設在Richardson, TX。爲個人,夫妻,兒童,青少年和家庭提供專業諮詢服務。 我們不是以營利為主要目的,收費是以家庭收入為標準。 我們熟練又經驗豐富的治療師擁有很多專長可以提供幫助與此相關的問題,但不僅限於此,抑鬱症、失婚、上癮、青少年行為問題、情緒管理、焦慮、多動症、 悲痛與失落、婚前諮詢、婚姻和家庭問題、情緒紊亂、性問題、創傷、失業

Premarital counseling 婚前輔導

Premarital counseling uses a total of six marriage growth courses, which is ideal for unmarried couples who are already engaged. This course also applies to couples who are considering engagement and formally building a family. Through the questionnaires and tests used, the course can fully assess the couple/couple relationship, thereby helping couples to understand the strengths and relationships to be developed in each other's , and to help them learn through practical course exercises. It is our goal to help them learn how to effectively communicate, resolve conflicts, understand each other and their original family so that they can help each other and grow stronger in marriage.
婚前輔導採用一套共計六次的婚姻成長課程,非常適合已經訂婚的未婚夫妻。 此課程也適用於正在考慮訂婚和正式組織家庭的情侶。 通過所使用的問卷和測試,該課程能全面地評量情侶/夫妻關係,藉此幫助情侶/夫妻了解彼此關係中的長處和有待成長之處外,並能幫助他們透過實際的課程練習,學習如何有效溝通及解決衝突,了解彼此與原生家庭,進而使彼此關係更加穩固地成長。

Mental Health Workshops 心理健康工作坊

Mental Health Workshops: We provide workshops and training based on the Biblical value to the community and churches regarding mental health for the purpose of prevention and early intervention.
愛家全人輔導中心與教會和機構合作,提供有關促進個人身、心、靈健康成長以及改善人際關係和家庭關係等各種專題和研討會。系列性的主題包括(但不限於) 自我認識,兒育女面面觀 - 從心理學看孩童的成長,為人父母 – 兒童與青少年,認識和處理抑鬱症,婚姻與性,婚姻與家庭,人際關係與有效溝通。

2019 護家營會 Family Rebuiding Camp

3/15 to 3/17 Fri to Sun Registration is OPEN, please click the link below https://agapefamilycenter.regfox.com/-family-rebuilding-camp Read More

2018 華人基督徒青年營 DFW Chinese Christian Young Adult Camp

Registration is OPEN, please click the link below: https://agapefamilycenter.regfox.com/2018-chinese-christian-youth-adult-camp-dfw Read More

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