Who We Are

AFC is a valuable resource in the DFW Christian community. We are a non-denominational, not for profit counseling program for family that seeks to integrate biblical faith and the nuances of Asian culture with professional counseling and family ministry.

Our mission is

  • to partner with local churches and community to provide knowledge and tools for people to achieve positive personal change, enhance interpersonal relationships and strengthen families,
  • to help individuals, couples, and families reconcile and restore broken relationships ,
  • to offer hope and emotional healing to the brokenhearted

To accomplish our mission, we offer

  • consultation and support to pastors, churches, missionaries and other community groups,
    preventative and educational services such as per-marital counseling, parent education,
  • presentations related to emotional and relational health, retreat and follow up programs for special need families,
  • accessible counseling to individuals, couples, and families


愛家全人輔導中心希望成為達福區基督徒社區的寶貴資源。 我們是一個非教派的、非盈利性的家庭諮詢中心,旨在結合聖經信仰和亞洲文化的差異以專業諮詢和家庭事工來服務社區。


  • 與教會和社區合作,為人們提供知識和工具,以實現積極的個人變化,增強人際關係,與建立美滿家庭
  • 幫助個人、夫妻和家庭調和並修復關係
  • 為心靈破碎的人提供希望和情感上的治療


  • 提供諮詢與支持給牧師,教會,宣教士和其他社區團體
  • 為個人,夫妻和家庭提供負擔得起的和便利的諮詢服務
  • 提供預防性和教育性服務,如婚前輔導,為人父母教育,與情緒和關係健康有關的專題,並為特殊需要的個人與家庭舉辦營會和後續跟進活動